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The Mosaic PATH

Professional Consultant/Trainer/Advocate

As the world changes, all entities must be innovative, collaborative, and passionate about seeing the most vulnerable thrive in every area of their lives.  Herein lies the purpose of The Mosaic PATH, which seeks to join community stakeholders, law enforcement, educators, and families together on a path to better lives for everyone, focusing specifically on those with special needs, the vulnerable, and the disenfranchised.

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In the Classroom
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Welcome to The Mosaic PATH!

With the support of skilled and passionate advocates, you can achieve your desired outcome.

The journey from receiving the initial news that your child has special needs to the realization of a successful life for that child is often filled with detours, potholes, and more.  With careful  and experience filled guidance many miles of heartache can be lessened. 

Rob and Kim Mosley are dedicated to ensuring that ALL travelers on the road of life reach their dream destinations.  With over two decades of combined experience as a licensed master's level social worker, juris doctorate holder, educator, policy partner, advocate, and parent, this power duo will stop at nothing to help those in need. 

Don't journey alone.  Complete the form below and our office will be in contact with you shortly.  Schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation today!


"How The Journey Began"

Stones of Meaning

Having a loved one with special needs (or what we like to refer to as "special abilities") can make the world look very different.  Concerns about how your loved one's life will be, who will care for him/her, their happiness and overall well being take on a new level of importance.  These concerns are further magnified when the loved is also a racial minority, and thus more susceptible to various injustices, discrimination, and brutalities.  The Mosaic PATH is determined to do something about these concerns and turn fear into a force for change.  

The Mosaic PATH is dedicated to ensuring that all people living with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental “special abilities”, along with their families, are given the tools to take the fragments of life and make something beautiful and sustaining.  The many aspects of living with a developmental “special ability” can be overwhelming, but each piece is a necessary component in the building of the path of life.  Through partnership, advocacy, training, and hope The Mosaic PATH is determined to create a beautiful mosaic trail for all to journey upon.  


Our Team

Hear From Our Founders and Some of Our Partners

"My wife and I are a team determined to make this world a better place for our four children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum, by ensuring that the proper pieces are in place to forge a beautiful mosaic path to greatness for all."

Rob Mosley, LMSW      

"Education is perhaps one of the greatest forms of advocacy.  My training in law school taught me the art of advocacy.  My training as an educator taught me how to equip others.  My training as a mother has given me the passion to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to thrive as they journey through life."

Kim Mosley, M.Ed., J.D.

"Police officers are here to protect and serve. I submit that we are here to connect by forming partnerships with the communities that we protect and serve and am happy to be a part of this initiative."

Chief Vernell Dooley
Former Chief of Police for Glenn Heights, TX


Contact The Mosaic PATH with your advocacy needs.  We are a strong voice for the vulnerable and will stand with you.  

When the pathways of life become challenging, allow us to walk alongside of you and ease your journey.  Our advocacy division focuses on equipping and empowering you to obtain what's in the best interest of a loved one and/or yourself.  You are NOT alone; we will guide you along the way.  

Enter your contact information and tell us your area of need.  Our Executive Director has a Juris Doctorate (law degree), which specifically trained her to advocate, as well as a Master's of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, providing her with specific expertise, particularly in the SPED arena.  She is happy to assist with your advocacy needs, ranging from ARD attendance to IEP consultation to medical/behavioral advocacy and more.   


Thanks for submitting!

Support Our Initiative.  Support Your Future.

We are stronger when we come together.  This is the true essence of creating a mosaic.

Your partnership and support enable The Mosaic PATH to provide groundbreaking, research based support to law enforcement, educational entities, and communities at large in support of advocacy for those with autism and other vulnerable groups.  Thank you for supporting the efforts and empowering ALL to walk along The Mosaic PATH and achieve their greatest potential.

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