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Need to Know

Upcoming Events from Other Groups

Look here to find information on upcoming events from various neurodiversity-centered organizations. 


The Mosaic Path Live Streams

The Mosaic PATH will live stream from YouTube and will cover topic relating to autism, giftedness, family, and more. Visit this page to stay in the know and never miss a live stream.

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International News


Neurodiversity in the News

National news articles regarding neurodiversity will be posted here for your viewing. 

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The Texas Senate of House of Representatives often hear arguments on pieces of legislation which stand to impact individuals with autism and giftedness. 


Good News 

Here we will share stories of triumph and progress in the neurodiversity community as a form of encouragement and inspiration. 

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Join us for a virtual movie night.

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Event Ended from Consolidated Planning Group, Inc. (May 24, 2023):

"Ending Social Isolation in Individuals with IDD"

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