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Neurodiversity Books

There are amazing things happening in the neurodiversity community! Below you will find two works from personal friends of The Mosaic PATH. Check them out and support autism awareness!

"A Day Without Words"

This New York Times Bestseller was written by a dear friend, Mrs. Tiffany Hammond, and is a must-have. This book is sure to facilitate a deeper understanding of the experience of a family with autism and is changing perceptions all over the world. The Mosaic PATH is proud to call this amazing author a dear friend. 

Purchase the book here. 

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Mgaya Book.jpg

"The Victorious Journey of a Mom Raising a Child with Autism"

This intimate work tells the beautiful story of Daniel and his mother, Shangwe, and the journey of discovering his neurodiversity. Shangwe, another dear friend on the continent of Africa, is raw and honest about this journey and will make you feel as if you are along for the ride with her.

Purchase the book here. 

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