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Back To School ... Or Not

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The 2019 - 2020 academic school year was certainly one to remember. Never before have students shoved pencil boxes filled with shavings into their desks for what they thought would be a week long "Spring Break", never to return. Never before have teachers had to interact with their students solely from behind a computer screen, with the alternative being a literal risk to the lives of others. Never before have we seen circumstances like this.

And yet here we are, trying to exist in this new normal. This is of the Coronavirus pandemic remains and is arguably more intense now then during Spring Break, leaving everyone in a state of the unknown. If we're honest, aren't we really always living in a state of the unknown? So often have we taken the air that we breath for granted and now we are left with the strangling concern of whether it is safe to breathe at all in certain areas.

How does school function in a state such as this? How do innocent children grow accustomed to no longer high fiving besties and laughing hysterically in the face of a friend? How do we do away with playdates and share treats? How does collaborative learning suddenly become compartmentalized into a virtual zone? How does school remain and what will the "new view" of school be?

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